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Successfully bringing a product to market is no easy feat. If you've got any questions specific to your set-up, put them here.

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Josh Mendelsohn
PMM and PLG Consultant

I'd add that this is why it's so important to set longer term adoption & usage goals for any product launch. If all of the goals are launch period related, it's very easy for things to fizzle out. But creating... (More)

Louis Guerrero
Senior Product Marketing Manager

I'll agree with Josh Mendelsohn17 and William Chia11 and also add another opportunity I use to continue to promote features well beyond launch is to package them up with new and upcoming related features to continue to surface the great... (More)

I'll go first - my favorite post-launch tactic to continue a drumbeat of marketing is to gather and tell customer stories. Hopefully pre-launch you've had a rich beta where you gathered great customer stories, but certainly post launch is the... (More)