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Ryane Goldman
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi @Piyush thanks for the presentation. I did enjoy it. About positioning, is there any framework or theory that you would recommend to read or follow?

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Hello Ryane, 

Thanks for asking. There is no best one, but there is a right one. That will be based on your product, market adoption, users, and your mission. 

Few pointers always help: 

  • focus on value vs features 
  • will your mom understand it? (B2C generic product) are you selling to right people - solve for control for CEOs (dashboards), cost for CFOs, save time for accountants (Xero)? 

One good way to start with is ask your users, “How would you define X to your friend?” 

You can iterate from there.  April Dunford’s book, Obviously Awesome, is a good starting point. She also has some good tweetstorms on it, one it this: