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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi Nikki, I'm very interested to learning more on how to get more brand exposure and followers via wechat. How do you work with the KOLs? And how do you select them from the start?

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To increase brand exspoure on WeChat and increase followers you want to use similar 360  strategic marketing approach. Meaning muliple channels and tactics (WeChat + other channels e.g. Bidau, your website etc and tactics including organic, paid and offline channels - sales etc) - this is why we have seen good results. WeChat moment ads are expensive but they can be very targeted and really give your followers a boost. You have to be ready to nurture them after that. It is also easier to measure the success if you you have a clear call to action that you can measure on your backend. 

In regards to KOLs, this is new for me (but not in China).  We can't be an expert in everyting - If you are looking at using KOLs in China and even outside I really do recommend partnering with an agency that can help you make the right selection and provide guidance to the KOL on the content. I struggled to understand how the KOL we chose would work and there were many back and forth on the content. In the end the agency in China explained to me how it would work. I took a chance as I was still unsure but I'm glad I did. There are a number of podcasts on KOLs especially KOLs in China (as they are more advanced). That is a good place to start :)