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Ryane Goldman
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi @Meenakshi , thanks for the sharing. Since the PMM role is cross-functional, what would you say it's an ideal candidate when it comes to age/academic and professional background? (for interview)

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Hi Ryane,

Thanks for checking out my presentation. 

In my opinion, no two product marketing job descriptions are the same as no two products - or companies for that matter - are exactly the same. From what I've seen, product marketers usually start in either marketing or product and get drawn to the other. There are also a handful of people who'd started out in sales and made the transition to product marketing.

Given that product marketing is still in relatively early days as a discipline/function - esp. in Asia, I'd say that there is no traditional career path (yet). Most people in product marketing, including myself, have come to it from other disciplines and other functions, which I honestly think makes somebody more successful in product marketing. By nature, it’s one of the most cross-functional, cross-disciplinary roles you could choose. So having come from other focus areas gives me the perspective I need to be successful in the role - I think!

For what it's worth, my 'initial' educational background covers disciplines like Integrated Marketing Communications, Journalism, Business, Psychology and Research. Once I started working (primarily in strategic, creative and digital marketing agencies), I've taken up courses in areas such as Product Strategy, Design Thinking, and Digital Transformation as I think they complement my varied interests and help me be more empathetic to people/stakeholders from different departments/functions and sectors. 

If your passion lies in product marketing, I'd say go ahead and forge a path towards it! You're never too old to learn and try your hands at it. All the best!