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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi, I am curious to hear how other companies organize product marketing with brand marketing or integrated campaign marketing. I work at a consumer SaaS growth stage startup and our product marketing team is only 2 people, so in addition to product launches and other traditional PMM work, we also do holiday campaigns and brand campaigns. Do you have separate functions for this at your companies— how do you strike the right balance between those functions? I would love to build out 2 clear roles for brand/integrated campaign marketing and product marketing as I think they are different skill sets, but it's been hard to get buy-in for this. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Dorly Neto
Community Marketing Manager at Rocketseat

Hello, @Marissa Hastings237! I'm working in an online coding school called Rocketseat277, and we have a different approach to how we organize our teams. We focused on who we should deliver value, for example:

  • Audience Experience Team: Everyone involved with content creation we'll distribute for free, through social media.
  • Lead Experience Team: everyone engaged with product launch strategies, especially our bootcamp classes.
  • Student Experience Team: responsible for helping the students thrive.
  • User Experience Team: web development squads.
  • And so on.

Audience Experience Team is responsible for brand and holiday campaigns, and the Lead Experience Team is responsible for go-to-market efforts. It's possible to work in more than one team. For example, I split my responsibilities between the Audience and Lead Experience teams. My role is to guarantee alignment between all the teams involved with marketing actions.