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Richard KingPMA Team
Founder, Product Marketing Alliance
Asked a question 3 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm working as a B2B SaaS company in the learning technology space. Wondering if anyone has any experience with re-branding or re-naming a certain product in your portfolio as it's evolved? Will be a first for us so looking for any advice or suggestions out there. Thanks!

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Holly Watson
Associate Director, Product Marketing

I've experienced this twice. The first time we did this, it was done quickly. We focused on updating the collateral and training the field, but we needed to do more with current contracts, SKUs and customers. The second time around, we timed the update around a major release that introduced big improvements/enhancements as well as a UI update. This second round also involved collateral update, sales training, and customer marketing/promotion. Timing the update with a release and new look-and-feel improved the knowledge transfer and retention/recognition of the re-branding. It probably also goes without saying, but videos are very helpful and highly consumed. If there is the ability to create a promotional video and a guided "how-to" video that shows a before/after scenario it is very helpful in making a smooth switch.