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Carolyne Bonareri Mweberi
Product Marketing Lead
Asked a question 2 years ago

Came across this tweet that touches on our pricing module and I would like to know what you guys think: "Humans can be very ungrateful. A company creates a new device, manufactures the hardware, develops the OS, invents the programming language, provides dev tools, creates the app store, and handles global distribution. Then you complain about 30% rev share. Get out of here man."

Kevin Zentmeyer
Very true. I think this comes down to channel power and leverage. Small app companies will continue to pay 30%, while large app companies like Spotify aren't as dependent on Apple and can sway their user base to subscribe directly. The same platform economics dynamic is playing out right now with Amazon Fire and Roku on the platform side and HBO/Warner and Peacock/NBC on the other. The market as expressed through business development discussions, hasn't determined the value of the platform owner yet when a gigantic app developer/content partner is involved. In most markets, there is a discount for being a large partner, so there will likely be one in these platform markets as well.

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