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Product marketing
Product marketing

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Nikke Blout
Senior Director, Product Marketing

Hi Kolapo, my thoughts: While pricing is an important aspect in product marketing, there is so much more to consider. For instance, what is the positioning of the offering, and more importantly, of the brand in the market place? What... (More)

Rachel Jamison
Lifecycle Marketing Manager

I think it depends on the value of the product in the market. If the product is priced at a rate that the customer is willing to pay, then you shouldn't have to change it. If not, then consider lowering... (More)

Cassiane Vilvert
Product Marketing Manager @ VTEX

Oi pessoal,
Eu sou a Cassi e trabalho como Product Marketing Manager na VTEX92.

Hoje na VTEX, a área de Produto Marketing está dentro de Produto, o que nos faz trabalhar muito próximo aos PMs, Diretores de Produto e... (More)