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What KPIs do you use to measure the Product Marketing teams’ success? 3 November 12, 2019
Ave you ever created a framework to explain the difference in between Product Marketing and Product Management to the whole org? 2 November 8, 2019
What's a typical career path for a product marketing manager? 6 November 1, 2019
Recommended Certifications for PMMs? 3 October 31, 2019
Any “Product Marketing Fundamentals” type books you can recommend? 2 September 11, 2019
Do you have a team that's dedicated to go-to-market development? 2 August 21, 2019
Any recommendations for salesforce integrations for customer onboarding/implementations (like Taskray or Taskfeed)? 1 April 30, 2019
Has anyone here organized their PMM team by market segment 1 April 30, 2019
Does anyone have a great template they use for messaging/positioning details they could share? 4 August 7, 2019
Advice on how to do PMM for my product 1 August 7, 2019
Template for the best way to share high-level product positioning 2 August 7, 2019
Managing a product testing program 1 August 7, 2019
Salary Insight Comparison for U.S. PMM's 1 May 29, 2019
Has anyone here led a complete website redesign before? If so, I’d love to learn best practices on your process especially in the beginning stages 3 May 23, 2019
Has anyone utilized a Slack channel as low-touch feedback loop for sales? 1 May 10, 2019
I'm researching tools/methods that are used to share OKR's with stakeholders 1 May 10, 2019
For those of you that are B2B2C, I’m curious how you approach building personas, audience and your messaging focal points? 1 May 2, 2019
Framework for working alongside product teams in a B2B context 1 May 2, 2019
How do you visualize your entire year as a PMM supporting multiple products? 1 May 2, 2019
Choosing a customer support software 1 April 30, 2019
How does your Product Marketing team quantifying the ROI of its work? 1 April 29, 2019
What are the tiers/levels to move from PMM, to Sr. PMM, to Director? 6 May 2, 2019
What does the PM to PMM ratio look like at your company? 2 April 15, 2019
How does your product marketing team usually work with your product team? 2 April 15, 2019
Creative ways to recruit partner users for a product that is still in Alpha stage? 1 April 11, 2019
Hello, how do you deal with product announcements prioritization? 1 April 11, 2019
Beta testing plan for a pricing project? 1 April 11, 2019
Shifted verticals as a PMM? 1 April 11, 2019